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In case anyone is curious; I am constantly writing, but the interesting thing I’ve learn since I’ve begun is just how long it takes to get a story (of any length) ready for readers. It’s not just about writing the story; it’s about writing it well.

Then…the real work begins.

Editing, re-writes, formatting and conversion. And then there is the cover art – which is loads of fun, but takes time. It all takes time. There in lies the problem. If you are like me you push a dozen projects forward at the same it, then you know what I’m talking about.

I often end up taking ages and then all of a sudden I have loads of work ready for the next stage. Ideally it would be best to just work on one thing at a time and get that finished before starting the next thing, but I just don’t function that way. I like change and new things and ideas. I get bored of something quickly and like to move on to something with an entirely different flavor.

This is why I work on multiple projects simultaneously, that are all different in one way or another.; to keep things fresh.

The good thing with this, as I’ve said before, is that after a whole lot of effort BAM! there’s a nice pile of shiny finished product. And that is pretty much where I am at the moment. I’ve a collection of juicily macabre and wickedly odd stories for you, on the cusp.

So fear not, fair reader…there is plenty more…

coming very soon

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