The Laughing Tree

The Laughing Tree was one of my earlier stories I wrote just after I first decided to take my writing seriously as a career. It was a story that I felt I had to tell – just one of those strange things inside you that has to get out. It’s drastically different from anything else I’ve written; for one it’s literary fiction, and, it’s not a horror story.

I’m proud of this story and the way I tell it. This isn’t me blowing my own trumpet (okay, maybe a little) but more acknowledging to myself that I am happy if this is my only contribution to writing as an art-form rather than entertainment. Not that there’s anything wrong with genre fiction or writing to entertain, after all it’s what I love to write. This story just feels to me like my personal initiation into the world of writing.

So if you aren’t into horror, or are a bit too much a scaredy-cat to read my other work, you just might like this one.

Right, now back to squid monsters from space!