Dead of Winter 2

Finally, part two of the Dead of Winter short story trilogy is out!


DoW2 - final - thumbnail

As winter deepens, the survivors at the Pine Lodge ski resort and hot springs gain an unexpected visitor. Kerry, a true survivor in her own right. They must put suspicion and their own petty rivalries aside as there is something new out there in the snow. 

And it is not alone. 
Kerry and the others must find a way to survive as the seething horde of the dead leave the cities, picked clean of the living, to spread to more remote areas, following the Aurora northwards, desperate for human flesh. 

Over 20,000 words of icy terror 

As I was writing it the story continued to grow breaking the boundaries of the short story to fall within the word count of a novella. I attempted to shorten the tale but realised that this pivotal chapter in the series needed the extra length; to further develope Kerry as the main character and to explore the mythology of Dead of Winter, as well as give myself some room to set up the finale.

I’ve already begun the third and final installment of Kerry’s nightmarish journey.

Watch this space for more details…