Thirteen deliciously ghoulish tales will make your Halloween Night that much more fun and creepy. Hide under the blankets with a flash light, stifle a scream, suppress a giggle, as some of the rising stars of horror and dark fiction bring you a collection of chilling and terrifying tales you’ll never forget!

Perfect for your Halloween season.

Includes tales by; Icy Sedgwick, Toby Bennet, Joan De La Hate, Austin Malone, Leo King, Brett Rex Bruton, Avi Cohen, Wanye Basta, Jason Kristopher, H.C.H Ritz, George Wright Pagett, and Benjamin Knox

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BLOODY PARCHMENT: Hidden Things, Lost Things and Other Stories

A wicked anthology of dark fiction. Including rather creepy piece of work by your truly.

Hidden Things, Lost Things by Brett Bruton, Jenny Robson, Mico Pisanti, Lee Mather, Stacey Larner, Toby Bennett, SL Schmitz, Benjamin Knox, Austin Malone and Joan De La Haye.

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