Ah Ha!


Figured out how to get my author bio and details on Amazon.com rather than just the UK version! Twas very simple but I just didn’t see it. So an extra special thanks to the authorcentral help desk for their quick and succinct response.

Busy Busy Busy

April and May have been busy months for me behind the scenes. I’ve a whole whack of new ghoulishly delightful treats for you, but there is always one more thing to get right, double check, proof read, spell check, grammar check to make sure that everything is sparkling and perfect.

So rest assured, I have not forgotten you…I do not languish at the bottom of a pit somewhere… No! The gears are ever turning — the machine never sleeps — nightmares are still dreamt, snared and packaged with nice little bow.

Dark wonders wait to titillate, sour the soul, and maybe keep you up at night.


Spooky Sketches

Sometimes you find an artist whose work makes your heart sing. For some people that means Fine Art  like Margritte or Dali…for me it’s David Hartman.

Sexy ladies and grotesque ghouls, what more can ye ask for!

Nifty Interview

Author Nerine Dorman interviews horror veteran Ray Garton on here blog. I’ve seen his name around other established horror authors and have always been curious. This interview has convinced me to take the plunge and read a Garton or two.

Read the entire interview here.

Bloody Parchment

A staggering collection of wonderfully wicked and darkly imaginative fiction. It even includes yours truly, with my creepy-ass story “Wither”. Am so excited to be alongside such a fantastic group of authors.

For a full list of the authors and their stories check out the website.