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DoW Dark - thumbnailDEAD OF WINTER

Secluded in a mountain cabin in Norway, Kerry and Mark are there to train for her biathlon and to reconnect as a married couple. However, their trip coincides with a rash of violence in the cities. With all the chaos and a possible zombie outbreak Kerry and Mark hunker-down in the remote cabin, hoping to wait it out. Food and warmth soon become an issue forcing the two into action. But the dead don’t stay in the cities… 

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The war has been lost. The human population decimated by the living dead, now hides in remote, heavily fortified strongholds. A reporter is given the chance of a lifetime, to talk face-to-face with a representative of the undead. Even with the risk of the meeting being a trap, it is too valuable an opportunity to pass up. He must have an…
Interview with a Zombie.

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In Observation Point 7899 a lone occupant maintains their post, checking the decaying machines and taking telescopic readings of the barren lands beyond the Great Barrier Wall, all the while a strange fungus grows over everything, slowly spreading. With it come strange nightmares and freakish encounters. Are these the fever dreams of some horrible infection, the stress of severe isolation, or is it something altogether far more fiendish?

A Lovecraftian Retropunk Nightmare! Amazon (Amazon UK)


It will get under your skin…

A body-horror short that will make you squirm…it starts small, a simple red vein weaving through flesh…but all too soon…it spreads with a sinister purpose.
Guaranteed to keep you up at night…
Read it, if you dare.

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Lust of the Saucermen

Zombies, mutants, flying saucers, aliens, bad-ass babes with ray guns. This one has it all!

As a diabolical invasion brings the Earth to its knees, only Captain Gwendolyn and her team of sexy yet highly trained mercenaries can save what remains of the human race.

WARNING: This short action-packed pulp-sci-fi adventure contains ridiculousness!

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A Keeper of Secrets: a short story

she’s waiting for you…

Amidst the clutter and gloom of the attic little Anna has the strange feeling that she is not alone…

A Dark Fairy-tale for grown-ups.

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The Laughing Tree

Near the end of summer, Jim and Lara, best friends, frolic in their favourite place; a large lone oak tree in a grassy field. In this one afternoon both their lives will change as they struggle with awkward cusp where childhood ends and young adulthood begins. After today, nothing will ever be the same again.

From the strange mind of Benjamin Knox comes a somber coming-of-age tale.

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DOOMBUNNY: A Tale of Easter Terror

Fancy a holiday treat?

Perhaps one a little more ghoulish than usual?

Little Kyle is about to learn that it isn’t only the Easter Bunny who likes to hide in gardens, or likes candy…

Why not try a bite?

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