The Laughing Tree

The Laughing Tree was one of my earlier stories I wrote just after I first decided to take my writing seriously as a career. It was a story that I felt I had to tell – just one of those strange things inside you that has to get out. It’s drastically different from anything else I’ve written; for one it’s literary fiction, and, it’s not a horror story.

I’m proud of this story and the way I tell it. This isn’t me blowing my own trumpet (okay, maybe a little) but more acknowledging to myself that I am happy if this is my only contribution to writing as an art-form rather than entertainment. Not that there’s anything wrong with genre fiction or writing to entertain, after all it’s what I love to write. This story just feels to me like my personal initiation into the world of writing.

So if you aren’t into horror, or are a bit too much a scaredy-cat to read my other work, you just might like this one.

Right, now back to squid monsters from space!


It’s Alive!!! Bloody Parchment anthology is finally here!

A collection of get-under-your-skin, spine-tingling ultra-creepy tales. Garanteed to keep you up at night. Along with myself, there are some truly awesome horror authors in here. Including Lee Mather, Brett Bruton, Jenny Robson, Mico Pisanti, Stacey Larner, Toby Bennett, SL Schmitz, Austin Malone and Joan De La Haye.

Edited by the absolutely amazing Nerine Dorman.

Grab it…here…if you dare!

Body Horror: Thread

The gloves come off with my first out-and-out full blooded horror story! I’ve been a fan of body-horror before I even knew it was a thing. Seminal films such as Tetsuo: The Iron Man and David Cronnenberg’s Videodrome and Shivers (among a slue of others), even Clive Barker’s HELLRAISER films; all influenced me at an early age and helped shape the creative person I am today. Hence it is with no small grin (maniacal to be sure) on my face that I present the first of my three body-horror tales.


It will get under your skin…

A body-horror short that will make you squirm…it starts small…a simple red vein weaving through flesh…but all too soon…it spreads with a sinister purpose.
Guaranteed to keep you up at night…
Read it, if you dare.

Available on Amazon (and UK)


Something Dark on the Horizon: an Interview with Lee Mather

Lee Mather

Today we welcome Lee Mather, a British dark fiction author whose work will be featured (along with my mine too) in the upcoming Bloody Parchment anthology “HIDDEN THINGS, LOST THINGS and other stories”.


BK: Welcome to my Lab, Lee, pay no mind to the doll-faced automatons in the corner, they’re being punished.

LM: Nobody puts a doll-faced automaton in the corner! Just kidding, punish away! And thanks for having me here.

BK: Tell us a little about yourself, what sort of stuff do you write for those that are new to you.

LM: I write horror, dark fantasy and the occasional piece of science fiction, essentially anything that I would like to read myself. I enjoy stories with an emotional punch and I think the best way to achieve this is to get people to either love or hate your characters.

BK: Your story “Masks” is in the new Bloody Parchment collection, whet our appetite.

LM: Masks” is set in a London theater and features a terminally ill actor faced with a terrible choice that might lead to a cure. It’s an out and out horror and has some pretty nasty moments. It was a pleasure to write.

BK: You’ve been featured in several other anthologies as well, alongside authors like Jeff Strand and William Miekle (both favourites of mine). What was that like?

LM: It’s great to feature alongside established authors, and a super opportunity to have my work read by fans of theirs. To an extent, when you’re starting off at anything, you need someone to take a chance on you so I’m grateful to both the publishers and the editors of the anthologies for including my stories. To be honest, I wondered whether my work would stand up beside theirs, but so far the feedback has been pretty good. For example, in “Corrupts Absolutely” a couple of reviewers have highlighted my story, “Crooked”, as one of their favourite inclusions, which I didn’t expect at all.

BK: Any plans for something longer, something all your own. A novel perhaps?

LM: I have a short novel (or long novella!) due for release in October from Lyrical Press. It’s titled “First Kiss, Last Breath” and it’s a coming of age story about a teen who believes he has brought a demon to life through his painting.

To date, I have focused on short fiction for two reasons. One, to improve as a writer and enhance my writing technique – something which I feel I’m doing all the time. And two, to see if I can get a few stories out there for people to read. Hopefully they’ll enjoy and come back for more!

BK: With Bloody Parchment out later this month, what’s next for you?

LM: As well as FKLB, I have a short, “Wrath”, featuring in the “Fading Light” anthology, due in September from Angelic Knight Press. The anthology is edited by Tim Marquitz, who is a talented guy and it’s been a thrill to work with him. Writers like Mark Lawrence and Gene O’Neil are headlining.

I’m currently working on what will hopefully become a series of books about one family’s fight to survive the End of Days. I have done an initial draft, but it’s a million miles away from where it needs to be right now. I also have a niggling idea for a collection of five interrelated pieces of short fiction that won’t go away.

BK: Most likely way the world will end?

LM: George RR Martin will decide not to continue with his “Song of Ice and Fire” series. There will be no more books and “Game Of Thrones” the TV show will be left in the hands of Benioff and Weiss. The fanboys will rise up and revolt, and the streets will run red with blood.

BK: Who/what would you want around you during the Apocalypse?

LM: I’m pretty sure I’d want a priest near me so I could repent for any debauchery I may / may not (delete as appropriate depending on how well you know me) have been involved in throughout the years.

BK: Best scary movie you’ve seen recently?

LM: It wasn’t scary as such, but I liked “The Cabin in the Woods”. At least it had the balls to be a bit out there. “Prometheus” had the potential to be the film of the year, and although I really enjoyed it, I felt at times it tried too hard to get the “Alien” nods in. I would be interested to see the evolution from the initial “Prometheus” script to the final movie because I think the director / writers may have caved to some production pressure in piecing it together.

BK: Where can people find you online?

LM: is the best place. All my books are featured, including excerpts and author notes. Anyone interested can access my blog, my social networking links and things like my Amazon and Goodreads pages there too. Also, if anyone is interested in my random thoughts, I’ve discovered this amazing site, Twitter.



My latest tale of utter lunacy!

Lust of the Saucermen

Zombies, mutants, flying saucers, aliens, bad-ass babes with ray guns
This one has it all!

As a diabolical invasion brings the Earth to its knees, only Captain Gwendolyn and her team of sexy yet highly trained mercenaries can save what remains of the human race.

WARNING: This short action-packed pulp-sci-fi adventure contains ridiculousness!


Bloody Parchment

A staggering collection of wonderfully wicked and darkly imaginative fiction. It even includes yours truly, with my creepy-ass story “Wither”. Am so excited to be alongside such a fantastic group of authors.

For a full list of the authors and their stories check out the website.


It’s giveaway time!

All through the long Easter weekend (that’s the 7th-8th of April) my two current stories (and anymore if I can get them ready in time) will be available absolutely free for download on Amazon & Amazon UK.

So if you’ve been humming and hawing about whether to pick them up, well, now’s your shot!

Two Cents in the Bucket of Awesomeness

It’s a good day when you get to feature on a blog like author Nerine Dorman’s This is my World.  I got to wax moronic about my views on the rise of short fiction and the change in reading habits in the 21st Century.

You can read the article here.

If you haven’t hear of Nerine, or read any of her work, you are missing out (and will be first against the wall when dark fiction writers take over the world…just saying).

Horrible Holidays

This Easter sees the release of my latest and silliest story…

Fancy a holiday treat?

Perhaps one a little more ghoulish than usual?

Little Kyle is about to learn that it isn’t only the Easter Bunny who likes to hide in gardens, or likes candy…

DOOMBUNNY: A Tale of Easter Terror

Why not try a bite.

Available now for Kindle.