Interview with a Zombie

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Interview with a Zombie

The war has been lost. The human population decimated by the living dead, now hides in remote, heavily fortified strongholds. A reporter is given the chance of a lifetime, to talk face-to-face with a representative of the undead. Even with the risk of the meeting being a trap, it is too valuable an opportunity to pass up. He must have an…
Interview with a Zombie.

Part horror, part bizarre-pulp, a quick wicked read from the end of the world.

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My latest tale of utter lunacy!

Lust of the Saucermen

Zombies, mutants, flying saucers, aliens, bad-ass babes with ray guns
This one has it all!

As a diabolical invasion brings the Earth to its knees, only Captain Gwendolyn and her team of sexy yet highly trained mercenaries can save what remains of the human race.

WARNING: This short action-packed pulp-sci-fi adventure contains ridiculousness!